Seeking Solutions to everyday problems by searching out offers and products that truly enhance and enrich our lives instead of filling our landfills.

About Us

About Us:

This blog is run by high school sweethearts and husband-wife team, J.W. and Sarah. We live near the beautiful Wasatch Mountains in Utah. We are the parents of 3 amazing kids ages under 1 to over 10. Our family enjoys spending time together more than anything. We are always searching for ways to do that through traveling, watching movies, playing, cooking and just hanging out. (Oh, how I wish we could add cleaning to that list but every one of us hate it!)

Sarah is a full-time stay at home mom and a part-time Dance Teacher. She enjoys geocaching, reading, sewing, dancing, crafting, the color purple, chocolate, and all things “girly”. And blogging. Oh, and she hates paper scrapbooking.

JW is an amazing, hard-working father who is one of the lucky few who gets to do what he loves for a living, flying. J.W. is ALWAYS is working on a project. He can fix absolutely anything (except dinner). He loves tools, all things “aviation”, trucks, treating his girls like princesses, finally having a son to rough house with, computers, electronics, and hard work.

Our Blog:

Solutions Sleuth was started because we always seem to be searching for products or answers on the internet. We are passionate about searching for solutions to everyday problems by finding quality products and services that truly enhance and enrich our lives instead of filling our landfills and wasting precious resources (and cluttering up our houses). Do we really need yet another crappy product floating around? We have found many wonderful bloggers out there willing to share what they have found but they all seem to be missing something – a man’s point of view. So, I enlisted my husband! Thanks for helping honey.