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Monday, June 28, 2010

Shine On Now - Help American Girl Give $1M to Charities!

American Girl is introducing Shine On Now™—a new charitable initiative that harnesses the collective power of girls to help others in need. Through Shine On Now, American Girl is calling on girls across the country to help American Girl give up to $1 million in clothes, books, dolls, and money to four great charities: Kids in Distressed Situations, National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions, National Wildlife Federation, and Save the Children.  You can learn about these four charitable organizations by visiting Shine On

Go to Shine On and sign up to become an American Girl Ambassador and download an Official American Girl Ambassador Tool Kit.  The Tool Kit is filled with fun and actionable tips for fund-raising and volunteering.   There is also a preview link to InnerstarU to learn about the upcoming American Girl’s new virtual campus, INNERSTAR UNIVERSITY™— a fun, safe online world where girls learn to be their best!

Come back to Shine On Now on July 13 through the 31 and earn FREE STARS to help American Girl donate up to $1 million in clothes, books, dolls, and money!  For every Free Star girls donate, their name will be entered into a drawing to win their very own My American Girl doll!

I am proud to be an official Parent-Partner for American Girl Shine On Now cause-related initiative.  Through my partnership with American Girl and Shine On Now, American Girl will donate an automatic $1000 stars in my name!  I am also able to give away one FREE My American Girl doll!  Do you know a deserving girl who would love her very own My American GirI™ doll?  Become a follower of Solutions Sleuth Blog and leave me a comment here describing your nomination (what activities the girl is involved in, how she helps others, etc.) - without referencing the girl’s identity.  Winner will be chosen an the end of the campaign on July 31, 2010.

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Giveaway ends on July 31, 2010. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to notification with shipping info – if no response, another winner will be chosen. No purchase necessary – void where prohibited by law. Review product was provided to me at no cost. I received no monetary gain. All opinions expressed are based on my own use and experience with the item.


Mami2jcn said...

I'd nominate my neighbor (9 years old) who is involved in swimming & gymnastics. She helps others by babysitting and just being sweet to the other kids in the neighborhood.

I follow your blog.

mami2jcn at gmail dot com

Phyllis said...

I love American Girl Dolls. This is a wonderful thing you are doing. I admire your efforts. Keep up the good work.

Phyllis said...

I follow.

Phyllis said...

I blogged about your giveaway.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I follow.

Jessica said...

I am a new follower and I would nominate my daughter. Even at her age she has compassion for others and is always willing to help people out. She will often stop and help people without prompting, such as helping someone in the store pick up something they dropped. She helps with many chores, even at a young age. And it is amazing to see her make decisions, not to benefit only herself, but keeping the feelings and wants of others in mind. The cutest thing is how much she takes care of her younger sister. For her birthday, she received two Zhu Zhu Hamsters (different styles) and automatically, without thinking about it, she hands one to her sister and says “this one is for you!” She is constantly sharing with others around her. She has compassion for animals and a desire to help the environment. I am proud of the way she is growing up and look forward to watching her help many others as the years progress!
Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!
girlygirlugh at gmail dot com

sohamolina said...

I am a GFC

I nominate my daughter. She is a wonderful, beautiful person. She works very hard at school, is wonderful to her friends and is an example to her peers as far as the way she treats others. She always encourages her friends who might doubt themselves and takes under her wings those kids who are teased by others. I am very proud of the person my daughter is. She truly deserves to win an American Girl doll of her own as she embodies the spirit of The Shine on Now campaign.

michelle said...

Thank you for a wonderful blog! My wonderful sister-in-law, Jenny, told me about it. I'm Shawn's younger sister. I'd nominate my daughter, Emily, even though she's too young for a doll right now. She's 9 months old and is a delight to others with her smile, coos, and giggles. She's going to have heart surgeries throughout her life, but is such a strong example to me of joy and strength. email is

Sherri said...

I follow you blog!

Sherri said...

I nominate a sweet little 7 year old girl (you said not to identify her).

This little girl is a miracle! She was born with major heart defects and had a really rough start. Despite what doctors and nurses thought -- she lived! She taught me and many others to have faith and to remember to pray and to thank Heavenly Father for our blessings.

She has been a light in the eyes of many people. Right now her mom is suffering with depression and this little girl helps her mom so much. She looks out for her younger brother and begs to be able to help with housework. She is a great example to everyone around her.

I know she would be so happy to have this doll!

Darcie K. said...

My daughter is amazing. When I was diagnosed with cancer, my 9 year old wanted to do something special for other kids whose parents were going through treatments. She started a toy drive in the community and dropped them off at the local cancer center. She is currently involved in hockey, dance, cheer and girl scouts.

Tony said...

You said not to reference the girl's identity so I won't, but I do know a girl who is such a joy to our family and so many others. She is so loving and sympathic to others, and best of all, it's just who she is. She doesn't even have to try, it's in her very essence. I count myself lucky in every way to be a small part of her life. She is learning piano, playing soccer, plays "teacher" with her siblings and helps around the house. She gets the American Doll magazine and pours over the pages wishing and wanting, and I know she would be ecstatic to finally get her very own American Doll! It would be a dream come true. Choose me. :) -Melissa

Kat said...

My 5 year old is very passionate about our local food pantry. She is always gathering up items that we have duplicates of to donate. She knows at her young tender age that some families need a little extra help...especially with items that are hard to come by at food pantry's-toothpaste and toilet paper!

Gretel said...

My daughter is a true example of what it means to be an American and what American dolls stand for. Due to her father's profession, she has lived overseas most of her life so far, in Africa and Australia and soon to be Nepal. Wherever she goes she is able to make friends, build others up, and represent American life and values to others. She is well traveled and knows that this world is bigger than she is. As part of a "discover America" family road trip, she will be visiting the American Girl store in Chicago soon. She's the kind of girl that makes the world a better place by appreciating her heritage and giving back.

Ashley R said...

I would like to nominate the (almost!) perfect little girl in my life. She is a kind-hearted, sweet spirit that is always concerned about the well-being of everyone around her, and never herself. She worries about the man that's walking on the sidewalk by himself; worried that he's lonely and needs a friend or maybe food. She is very active in her community with church activities and serving others all the time through random acts of kindness. She is a very giving child, always offering you something to drink, or something to do.....or even giving you one of her possessions to take home. She loves the piano, and dancing, and loves to play at the park and befriend someone new. This little girl deserves an American Doll of her own! Thank you very much for your consideration.

reynoldsmommy at gmail dot com

jcamp2020 said...

Three years ago, my son and his wife became part of the inaugural committeed that started Walk Now for Autism, Sacramento. As a result, our whole circle of family and friends have become involved. They have raised over $500,000 for Autism research. Our next Walk is in early October! Can’t wait. Their daughter Collette has walked every year. She invites her friends to walk with that now we have over 75 people on Collette’s Crusaders! She is learning about family giving.

jcamp2020 at aol dot com