Seeking Solutions to everyday problems by searching out offers and products that truly enhance and enrich our lives instead of filling our landfills.


Email us at solutionssleuth (at) gmail (dot) com

Solutions Sleuth is a PR Friendly website searching for solutions.  Please contact me if you have a solution in the way of product(s), information, websites, programs, or companies that would like to work with Solutions Slueth.  We would love to hear from you!


Do you have a solution you would like us to review? Our family will consider all PR pitches but we are particularly interested in:

• Baby & Toddler Items

• “Green” Products

• Traveling

• Educational Items

• Books/Movies/Music

• Electronics

• Clothing/Accessories

• Appliances

• Fitness products

• Crafts/Sewing

• Cooking Items

• Toiletries

• Tools

• Household items

• Toys

• Food/Drink

• Jewelry

• Gift Items

We always personally evaluate the products we post for a review and it includes our honest opinion of it’s quality and function. We will use photos, video, multiple links to your website, blog, FB, Twitter, etc. Reviews and giveaways will be promoted on Solutions Sleuth, Facebook, Twitter, and on loads of other blogs, prize sites and websites. We also email our friends, family, and coworkers directly if we review something we think will be particularly helpful to them.

Our giveaways normally run for 2 weeks or more. Sponsor is responsible for shipping review items to us, and giveaway items directly to giveaway winners.

**Media kit available upon request**