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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Amazing Aftrica Projects You Can Build Yourself Review

Did you know ancient Egyptians used gold to fill a decayed tooth?  Did you know some South African gold mines are 12,000 feet deep?  Did you Know for of the five fastest animals on earth live in Africa?  These are just a snippet of the fun facts included in the book Amazing Africa Projects You Can Build Yourself by Carla Mooney, illustrated by Megan Stearns.

My husband's grandparents lived 5 years in South Africa and my high school BFF lived there for 2 years so this was a very fun book to review.  The book introduces readers ages 9 and up to stunning landscapes, ancient civilizations and tribes, unique traditions, and amazing wildlife of the vast African continent.

With 25 fun, easy projects that kids can complete using common household supplies and many recycled materials, kids learn what life is like in Africa and have some fun while learning.  To view a sample of the types of projects included in this book go to this link and make your own kikuyu initiation shield.

My 10 year old daughter and I enjoyed reviewing this book together.  We only wish some of the beautiful illustrations were in color truly showcasing their beauty.  The list price is only $15.95 which is a steal.  You can purchase this book at here.

About the Author and Illustrator:

Carla Mooney is a writer who has been featured in Golfer Girl, Highlights, and Learning Through History. She is the author of Asante Samuel, Dads, Teach Your Child About Becoming a Sister, and Vanessa Hudgens. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Megan Stearns is a freelance artist and has completed many commissions, including portraits of animals, people, and landscapes; T-shirt designs; and children’s book illustrations. She lives in Mattituck, New York.

Thanks to Nomad Press for the opportunity to review this book and to The Product Review Place for connecting us together.

I received the review product at no cost to me to review and evaluate my opinion.