Seeking Solutions to everyday problems by searching out offers and products that truly enhance and enrich our lives instead of filling our landfills.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Let's face it. Life is one big sticky situation after another. In an attempt to create some kind of order I am starting this SOLUTIONS blog to find answers to everyday problems. I will seek out solutions by searching for products and offers that truly bring simplicity, quality and usefulness to our lives instead of frustrations. Do we really need yet another useless product filling our landfills? I think not!

Join me on my search. Along this journey we will explore new and established products, discover exciting offers, and create lifelong friends.

All product reviews are expressley my own opinion. I do not receive any monetary gain for reviewing and expressing my opinions on products or links. I may receive free products to review and pass along to you.


Shauna said...

YAHOO!!! I am so excited you started this blog! I am on my way now to spread the word about it! I will talk to you soon! Love You! :)